Chair massage service for employees of Mondev

A moment of regenerating relaxation

The 24th of may, you will have the chance to receive a 25 minutes chair massage.

Whether you are stressed, tired or uncomfortable with a muscle pain, a chair massage will help you regain your energy!

Chair massage allows you to take a break and step back. By having a moment to relax, you can return to work more relaxed and productive.

Here are some benefits of chair massage

  • Helps with stress and anxiety management;
  • Improves the quality of life at work;
  • Prevents problems related to mental health;
  • Improves sleep and promotes recovery;
  • Reduces muscle tension, increases satisfaction and general well-being.

Course of a session


Personalized care We take the time to listen to your needs in order to adapt our treatments.


Therapeutic massage We practice massage therapy on the back, neck and arms… These areas are highly stressed at work.


Beneficial relaxation After the massage, we leave you a brief moment of relaxation to allow you to refocus and prepare to return to work feeling rested and fit.

To make an appointment :

  1. Click on the “Make an appointment” button;
  2. Choose the English version;
  3. Choose « I’m a new client »;
  4. Choose « @ Mondev avec Emmanuelle Boivin-Porlier »;
  5. Navigate to the date of the event and choose your time slot;
  6. Enter your informations, and then you will be asked to make the payment to confirm the reservation;
  7. You will receive a confirmation email with the date, time and location of your
  8. If you wish to cancel your appointment, you can do so from the confirmation email and
    you can resume another appointment by indicating, « I’m a returning client » and
    providing your information. Please the cancellation policy at bottom of this page.
  9. The massage therapist will provide the receipt for insurance purpose at the end of the appointment.

Testimonials from our clients

Terms of use

  • Rates: $45 for a 25-minute massage
  • Methods of payment: Online payment at time of booking
  • Cancellation Policy: Please cancel or reschedule any appointment no later than the day prior to the appointment. Consider having one of your colleagues replace you!